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Please add to your emails safe senders list to ensure that you receive emails from our system, including confirmation emails and vendor notices. Passwords must be at least 10 characters long and contain a mix of UPPER and lower case letters, numbers (123456789) and at least one special character (!@#$%^&*+/<>).


Vendor Frequently Asked Questions

For the safety of all of our guests, NO PETS ALLOWED, except service dogs required because of a disability.

Yes. Our first discount is our early bird special where we run a sale on all admission tickets when they are first published. This only lasts for a short period, generally two weeks or less. 

We also provide discounted tickets to military, first responders and teachers - these tickets are listed in the ticketing options. Additionally, we offer group rates where you get 10 tickets for the price of 9. These bulk packages are also listed in the ticketing options. 

In order to purchase and drink alcohol, yes, you must be 21 or older with a valid driver’s license or State ID as proof of age. All purchasers of Tasting Tickets will be asked to provide ID at the gate to confirm that they are 21 years of age or older. Person less than age 21 will not be provided with Tasting Ticket wristbands!

In order to purchase and drink alcohol, yes, you must be 21 or older with a valid driver’s license or State ID as proof of age to purchase or drink alcohol.

Yes. Because the Appomattox Oyster Fest is an alcohol serving event, firearms and other weapons are not allowed, regardless of whether you are a concealed carry permit holder or not - this is state law. No coolers or containers are allowed, no outside food or alcohol is allowed. All bags and backpacks are subject to search at event check-in. Blankets and small folding chairs ARE permitted. Pop-up tents must be placed in selected areas. We reserve the right to refuse to serve anyone. If you are asked to leave the premises by event staff, you will not receive a refund. Children must always remain with their parents and may not consume, taste, or hold any alcoholic beverage.

Yes, items that we cannot allow to be displayed or sold during the festival include;
-Yard sale or flea market type items
-Snap pops or any other items containing explosive material
-Air guns, BB guns, pellet guns or working firearms of any kind
-Items that display profanity or are deemed offensive by the Staff
-Alcohol and Drugs other than wine, beer or distilled alcohol that is allowed pursuant to an ABC license
-Any other item deemed dangerous or offensive by any member of the Staff 

You are solely responsible for obtaining any permits/licenses/insurance (Health Dept., ABC, etc) needed for the festival. Failure to obtain the proper permits/licenses/insurance needed will prevent you from participating in or at the festival. Copies of all permits/licenses/insurance MUST be forwarded to the AxMCDR (PO Box 2835 Appomattox, VA 24522, or via email) at least two (2) weeks prior to the event. Failure to do so can result in you not participating.

You can apply to become a vendor with the Appomattox Oyster Fest by visiting our vendor management website at and clicking on the link to Register Account. Once your account application is approved you will receive an email with your login credentials to access the Vendor Management Dashboard. From the dashboard you can submit your request for booth space. If you have questions about becoming a vendor or what types of vendors are allowed, please email us at 

All ticket sales are online through our website. When you purchase tickets online you will receive a confirmation email which will include a link for you to access and download your tickets. Simply print your tickets and bring them with you to the event. You can also download the tickets to your phone or mobile device and present them at check-in on your device. Tickets are scanned at check-in and marked as redeemed - it is important that you do not distribute copies of your tickets as each ticket is uniquely identified, and if already marked as redeemed at check-in, you will not be allowed access to the event.

Once your Vendor Account is submitted, the AxMCDR Staff will review it and either "Approve" or "Deny" it. If "Approved" you will receive an email with instructions on how to log in to your account to apply for a Booth Space. Follow those instructions.

You can now access the Vendor Management Dashboard where you can update your business information, apply for vendor space at our event, download agreements and vendor information, manage your payment cards and receive vendor news.

Your login information, including a password, will be provided in this email. Once you complete this section, you will be able to access the Vendor Management Dashboard's tools.

If you have any questions or experience any problems you can contact us at with your name, email address and a summary of your issue.

Once you confirm all your info, you will be brought to the Vendor Dashboard where you can View/Edit your Profile, Reserve Vendor Space (Booth Space Info), View Agreements (Booth Space Application), Set up a Payment Method, View Vendor News, or make changes to your Account Options. The next scheduled event will be displayed and clicking the link will bring you to that event website for more information.

Congratulations! You are now registered and able to apply for all future events!

We have plenty of parking on the property, there is NO PARKING in the road. Upon arrival, please follow the signs for parking access and follow the directions of any parking attendants – they are there to help you quickly and easily get parked so you can get into the event.

The event is “Rain or Shine” and there are no refunds on ticket purchases. If you cannot make the event you are allowed to gift or sell your purchased tickets to a third party. 

All items that you have for sale, distribution or display must be contained within your assigned vendor space. You may not display or hang any items on or in any of the buildings, fencing, or other displays belonging to our venue location unless prior approval is obtained from Staff.

The 2022 Appomattox Oyster Fest will be taking place at DeVault Family Vineyards on Saturday, April 23, 2022 from 11:00AM to 6:00PM. They are located at 247 Station Lane Concord, VA 24538. 


The Appomattox Oyster Fest 2022 is being held at the DeVault Family Vineyards, located at 247 Station Lane, Concord, VA 24538. The event will be held on the 23rd of April 2022, starting at 11AM and ending at 6PM. 

You are solely responsible for any items that you sell and the collections and reporting of any applicable sales or other taxes. We will not collect and report any taxes on your behalf.

If you're application was "Denied", it was most likely because another "exclusive" vendor got their application in first. "Exclusive" vendors are those who can only have one representative at an event per company policy, such as Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Paparazzi, etc.

Another reason may be that the event has too many vendors selling the same products such as jewelry, clothing, candles, etc.

Finally, and we hope we don't encounter this, is that you have been "Denied" due to previous problems and you are not welcome back to the event.

If you would like to get a more detailed answer, please email us at for that information.

If you were "Denied", you can still apply for the next event and hopefully have better luck getting "Approved".